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Copyright:(C)2016 Avnet Silica company
Date:30 may 2014
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Avnet Silica Liberty board is designed to evaluate BlueTooth Low Energy performance. The main processor is a Renesas R5F100EGANA. The board is also equiped with one ML7105 Lapis BLE module, one KXTJ2-1009 Kionix Accelerometer, one BD1020HFV Rohm Temperature sensor and one SMLP34RGB1W Rohm RGB led.

Using a TTL-USB converter connected with UART_TX_OUT signal of 6 pins header and a Terminal SW on the PC (such as HyperTerminal) it’s possible to see a “dump” of all data ‘send to’ and ‘received from’ ML7105 module.

BLE_lapis FW project is based on VSSPP_ML610QXXX_Ver0_094_beta firmware revision developed for Lapis PEXL7105_WSN kit and adapted for Avnet Silica Liberty Board. It is adapted for VSP application; no test has been made for VSSPP application.


Liberty developement tools

Firmware was developed using:


Registration and login to Renesas and KPIT site are needed before using link above to download


e2studio or KPIT GNURL78 13.02-ELF-MP1 are also available on request. In this case, you must register at Renesas and KPIT official sites for license activaction

GNURL78 registration email


After registration on KPIT site, you receive email such as follow:

Welcome to KPIT GNU Tools
Dear YourName,
Thank you.
Your registration with KPITCummins has been successful with the following registration details:
Login Details:
1. User Name: YourEmail
2. Password: YourPassword
Personal Details:
3. Name: YourName
4. Email Address: YourEmail
5. Activation Code: YourCode
6. Address:
7. Telephone Number:
Company Details:
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10. Telephone Number:

Please, note that YourCode is requested during first time GNUKPIT installation!!

You can also find a video guide here

Firmware project is included into Liberty.zip archive file

Documents references

Reference guide and datasheet are included into Liberty_doc.zip archive file and are:

Reference Document Description
PEDK71050-02-02.pdf ML7105 Module DataSheet (used in this project)
FEXL7105_BACI_Manual-01.pdf ML7105_Baci_interface_specifications
FEXL7105_AppDevelopersGuide-01.pdf Using BACI interface with ML7105
FEUL7105-01.pdf ML7105 User’s Manual
FEDL7105-002-01.pdf ML7105 DataSheet

Inside Liberty_doc.zip there are 3 other folders:

  • ML7105_kit folder that contains:
Reference Document Description
FEXL7105_WSNapp-01.pdf ML7105 WSN Lapis kit user’s manual
PEXL7105_VSP_IF-01.pdf ML7105 WSN Lapis VSP software interface
PEXL7105_VSSPP-UG-01.pdf ML7105 WSN Lapis VSSPP guide
PEXL7105_WSN_HardManual-03.pdf ML7105 Lapis kit hardware manual
  • e2studio folder that contains:
Reference Document Description
r20ut2771ej0100_e2_start_s.pdf e2studio quick start
  • DataSheet folder that contains:
Reference Document Description
bd1020hfv-e.pdf Temperature sensor IC
KXTJ2-1009 Specification Rev 4.pdf Accelerometer
RL78_G13_Hardware.pdf Renesas RL78 series hardware manual
SMLP34RGBxW_last.pdf RGB Led

Liberty_doc.zip contents - see image below


You can download the Liberty.zip and Liberty_doc.zip accessing to Avnet Silica Architech website (registration is needed for download)

Installing E2studio and KPIT Developement Suite chapter will guide you through the basic steps of the installation procedure of Developement Suite

We suggest you to read first the Quick Start Guide to perform a correct setup.

Quick start guide

This guide explains how to use this application and provides an overview of the structure of the project firmware